"...Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature."

Mark 16:15

Our church takes the great commission of teaching all nations about Jesus very seriously.  We support several missionaries across the globe and host an annual mission's conference. This is one the most exciting events each year.  We have missionaries come from all over the world to update us on the work that God is doing. Below is a list of missionaries that are sent out from our church. In addition to these, we support various other missionaries.
Our Missionaries
Joe and Joyce Davis (PREACH Ministries)
Joe and Brenda Legg (Helping Hand)
Paul and Terri Pritchard (PREACH Ministries)
Kevin Plaster (Eastern Europe)
Jun and Ruby Pizana (Philippines)
Josh and Jenny Kidd (Cape Verde/PREACH Ministries)
Tim and Suzette Rose (Church Builders)
Philip and Sarah Pritchard (PREACH Ministries)
Eric and Lili Schrock (Romania)
Robert and Salome Emmanuel (India)
Mike and Debby Drust (Regions Beyond)

Supported Missionaries

Carlton Baer (East Asia)
Michelle Banda (Zambia)
Ben Benard (Myanmar)
Anthony Bowman (Ohio)
Randy Bradley (Child Evangelism Fellowship)
Rodney Burdette (Rouzerville, PA)
Alice Burge (BMFP)
Bob Burns (Norway)
Glenn Clodgo (Spanish Ministry)
Gary Dawson (Venezuela)
Josh Edwards (Australia)
Chuck Fernandez (Kenya)
Holly Friesen (Ukraine)
Mike Griffis (Asia)
Paul Griffis (Missouri.)
Matthew Henry (India)
Mike Hinson (Republic of Georgia)
Matt Dundon (Deaf in Philadelphia)
Tom Lancaster (Military)
Ruby Lawson (Japan)
Kolt Mackrill (Romania)
Scott Maness (Argentina)
Trevor Martin (Montana)
Gary Max (New Zealand)
George Milgram (Micronesia)
Robbie Morrison (APBM)
Buddy Mullens (Hope for the World)
Rodney Myers (Tanzania)
Tyler Nikkel (Czech Republic)
Ron Onks ((Australia)
Ryan Overfelt  (All Points Baptist Missions)
David Owen (Guyana)
Jonathan Owen (Bulgaria)
Xavier Parak (Siberia)
David Paskal (Jews in NY)
Ricardo Roldan (Peru)
LeRoy Rolston (Honduras)
Gene Sharp (Independent Baptist Media)
Andy Smith (China)
Todd Uhl (Nepal)
Jodie Vesely (Russia/Texas)
John Walz (Taiwan)
Danny Ward (Mexico)
Earl Yates (Central America)
Blake Young (Columbia)

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.